Anca Floroiu (RO)

Anca Floroiu (RO)

Stage manager & PR coordinator, Rocanotherworld & Classix Festival

Passion and curiosity lay the foundation for a very kaleidoscopic (and never boring) career. 

Constantly nesting cultural projects, festivals and events, glazing the cake with film production and inspiring it with some management and storytelling stardust, Anca Floroiu is currently Head of PR & Communication for Rocanotherworld and Classix Festival, Guest Manager of Neamț Music Festival, Electronic Stage Manager at Rocanotherworld, as well as Event Manager for two nightclubs in Iași, Romania. 

14 years in the industry convinced her that disrupting the habits of the audience lay the groundwork for a well-spirited experience, as well as taking a step towards shaping them exactly as we would love them the most.