Amalia Gaiță (RO)

Amalia Gaiță is a singer, songwriter and visual artist, making a mark on the soul-rock scene with an eclectic approach, spiced with a hint of funk and jazz. After witnessing one of her concerts, Beth Hart described her music as “incredibly soulful.” Their sonic blend, reminiscent of Skunk Anansie and Sade, coupled with their bold and expressive live performances, has propelled them onto diverse festival stages, spanning rock, blues, alternative, and jazz genres.

Together with her band, consisting of Mihai Moldoveanu (bass), Vlad Cotruș (guitar), and Adrian Șchiopu (drums), Amalia has released three records. “Melting Sun” (2017) is a vibrant journey, full of color, intimately performed through a fusion of jazz-soul-funk-alternative rock. The album stands out with its contemporary structures with vintage highlights.

“The Grey EP” is a stormy rock material, described as a bridge connecting Amalia’s first album to the next. The EP was released as a “listening party” in complete darkness, so the audience could deeply connect with the four tracks of distinct energies and hues.

Her latest release, “Mimosa” (2023) is a blend between the organic and electric, the old and the new. Seen as a distinct stylistic approach, the album stands out with electronic forays and surprising dynamics, which come together in the band’s eclectic attitude. The music of “Mimosa,” like the tree under which it was written, has a touch sensitivity – it opens and closes, it hides and discharges electricity.