Amy Montgomery (IRE)

Amy Montgomery is an Irish native and is based out of Belfast. At 23 years of age, she is already a musical force of nature, performing with great intensity on both guitar and keyboards. Adorned in war paint and flamboyantly designed stage outfits, she presents a fearless and confident persona both as a performer and singer.

In 2017 her band formed around her with help from Amy’s partner in crime Michael Mormecha.  After performing at lots of local Irish and UK shows they ventured out for our first European tour in February 2019. Following that, they had performances at Glastonbury, Black Deer and Cambridge Folk Festival and three headline shows in Belfast, London and Dublin.

Just one day after the last headline show, they embarked on a short run of dates on the Australian East Coast with Australian artist William Crighton. After the break imposed by COVID, 2022 was filled with three tours (North, South Germany & Switzerland), 15 festivals and a lot of headline shows.