Bilo (ES)

Bilo is a Psychedelic Pop band formed in Mallorca (Spain) by young individuals who aim to bring something new to the current music scene. The synergy and talent of its members resulted in a personal sound that stands out for its freshness and quality.

The release of their debut album, “Just A Game” in mid-2022, on vinyl and all digital platforms, was warmly received by national media, describing the band as “A very unique way of being and understanding music. Bilo is originality and craftsmanship-driven creativity, devoid of artifice, the kind that shies away from formulas and takes the necessary time to germinate and materialize into something special.”

Currently, Bilo has several dates scheduled for the remainder of 2023 at various venues and festivals, such as MMB (Bucharest) and Fira B (Mallorca). However, they have also completed the recording process of three singles that will be released early next year as a preview of their second album.