Dora Gaitanovici (RO)

The music of Dora Gaitanovici is original and daring. Although we could categorize it as alternative-progressive, its various influences make it difficult to accurately fit into any mold.

Dora Gaitanovici, singer-songwriter, composes and produces what she plays alongside her bandmates Dani, Dante, Denis, Andrei, and Codruț, who also contribute creatively – this gives rise to the dynamics of the songs. The project formed organically. The fact that all 6 artists have different styles and musical tastes promises to continue to surprise. Their first album “Descântec” was released in December 2022 through a sold-out concert at the Expirat club in Bucharest. Their song “Ana” stayed at number 1 for 3 weeks in the Top 50 Viral Romania on Spotify, and they were special guests on the Main Stage at Electric Castle.