Francis On My Mind (RO)

Francis debuted at 16 years old with her first single, characterized by a minimalist sound, with a touch of nostalgia and a fitting video.

Her music aims to combine pop rhythms with ’80s influences and a touch of electro vibes. Her calming blend of captivating tunes perfectly highlights her personality, that of a teenager caught in the process of understanding the world and navigating through it. Throughout all her later single releases, Francis On My Mind brought a fresh approach to her indie-pop music, emphasizing her fragile yet powerful vocals, synths and melodic drums. Songs like “Functional Kind Of Love”, “Speed of Light”, and “Swimming Pools” followed, the latter being included in the soundtrack of the series “The Summer I Turned Pretty”.

“I create my own universe through my music. I often let myself slide into melancholy. Melancholy opens a gate to wonderful lands where your imagination can build whatever you want. Just like Alice in Wonderland, for me, melancholy is the door to the realm where everything is possible, and no rule applies. And in that realm, I create my songs, my music.” – Francis On My Mind.