Klawo (PL)

Klawo started in 2020 in Gdańsk, as a live band for Konstanty Kostka (one of their keyboardists) solo lo-fi hip hop project. Shortly after they decided to write music together and soon released a debut LP – “Klawo”, (2022, Coastline Northern Cuts). They draw inspiration from a multitude of musical styles including jazz, funk, hip hop, psychedelia and afrobeat, with plenty of room for improvisation.

They’ve also played several shows around Poland, including festivals and showcase gigs (e.g. Up To Date Festival, Great September, Tak Brzmi Miasto, Sea You, Jazz Around). The band has also given concerts in Slovakia (United Europe Jazz Festival) and Romania (Jazz in the Park). In March 2023, Klawo, as the only Polish project, became a finalist in the HEMI Music Awards program, an initiative to help artists from Central and Eastern Europe conquer the international scene.

Slot supported by HEMI (The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation).