Lia Hide (GR)

Lia Hide is an Athenian prolific lady of dark, avant-garde, art pop. With her self-titled band Lia Hide, she is performing, touring and creating. They fuse jazz elements with Balkan and cinematic music with the same ease they combine progressive and baroque pop with indie and ethereal soundscapes. She studied classical piano, operatic singing, music technology, advanced harmony, and songwriting (MMus, BA, BBA, LGSMD and more). The band functions both as a three piece (keys+vocals, drums, bass) as well as a five-piece band (with the addition of guitar and trumpet).

Their first album, “Home”, was released by ΕΜΙ-Universal (2013). “Everyone Seems to Know Who I Am”, 2017 was mastered by the multiply Grammy awarded Adam Ayan, and “Tells no Fairytales”, 2019 was mastered by Denis Blackham. Lia Hide have collaborated and performed with numerous acclaimed Greek and international artists (Tricky, Joseph van Wissem, Anneke van Giersbergen, Kadebostany, Keep Shelly, Molly Nilsson, Kovacs, and more) on different festival stages in Greece and Europe.

They have toured Europe extensively and also performed in Montreal and the US. Their latest European tour was a 40-day venture with 28 shows in 10 countries. They are currently setting the grounds for their next album and are producing music for inspiring young artists. Lia Hide spend their time between Athens and London when not on tour.

Slot supported by HEMI (The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation).