Mihail (RO)

An eclectic producer and self-taught musician, Mihail started studying piano at an early age, persuaded by his mother and her passion for music. After a shy debut with his first singles, his 2015 release, “Ma ucide ea” became a national sensation, topping the Romanian charts for weeks on end. With its blues, pop and funk influences, the song was a sleeper hit, taking up to six months to enter the charts, becoming eventually the second most air-played song of 2016.

Growing weary of his newfound fame, the artist decided to take a step back from the spotlight for the first half of 2017. Limiting both his TV appearances and social media presence, Mihail focused on travelling, producing and rediscovering his musical identity. The result was “Who You Are”, an indie-pop anthem which quickly became the artist’s first foray into international stardom. The song topped both the Romanian and Italian music charts for several weeks in a row, becoming the most air-played international single of 2018 in the latter, amassing over 17 million streams on Spotify to date.

After 2 years of touring, both locally and abroad, Mihail retreated to a cabin in the woods to work on his debut album. The result – To Whom We Return – is a heavily experimental collection of 9 songs. His most personal output so far, the album marks departure from his Pop beginnings into a more experimental & multi-dimensional sound. It features influences ranging from alternative riffs to urban rhythms & a heavy use of synths, alongside lyrical themes that focus on spirituality & relationships.