Prima Dragoste (MD)

Prima Dragoste invites you into a world of freedom where emotions dance to the captivating rhythm of her lyrics. With a powerful, romantic voice, this talented and innovative artist from the Republic of Moldova turns her experiences and feelings into genuine musical art.

Her debut single with Roton Music, “Din partea ta,” premiered on Kiss FM. The song swiftly captured the hearts of listeners and found its way onto the playlists of several radio stations both domestically and in the Republic of Moldova. 2022 saw the release of her first EP, “Epigraf,” containing five tracks that offer a glimpse into her artistic soul while also marking a milestone in her musical journey, with songs like “Dezbrăcată de greșeli” and “Sare pe obraz” showcasing her musical versatility. With Prima Dragoste, songs of heartbreak retain a playful and optimistic undertone.

The artist has collaborated with Satoshi on “I Love You,” a song that enjoyed significant success on digital platforms. She also worked with Amedeo on her latest release, “Fosta.” In this track, her ethereal style blends seamlessly with Amedeo’s robust voice, resulting in an emotional deluge.