Rodney Branigan (UK)

“Impossibly talented” is the description you’ll hear time and time again of this amazing performer, but it’s true! Not just because he can play two guitars at the same time – brilliantly – but he’s also a superb songwriter, a masterful singer and performer who captivates audiences with his charm, wit and the friendliest insults you’ll ever hear. An overused phrase, maybe, but  this is one astonishing performer who really does need to be seen to be believed.

This artist calls his music “progressive folk fusion”, but that doesn’t do it justice. Clearly he’s invented a new genre – one that blends rock, folk, flamenco, madrigal, classical, bluegrass and jazz – and it all works. Most songs are driving, thumping monsters. Branigan plays music so compelling that you have to listen to it. It stuns the audience and hushes the room – even in a bustling LA club.