Sofia Zadar (RO)

Sofia Zadar is the Alt-Pop project of Romanian queer musician Maria Sgarcitu (b. 1994). Their experimental pop compositions construct emancipatory futures, while mixing together spoken word, complex vocal harmonies, organic textures and highly processed electronic sonic structures. Sofia Zadar’s aesthetic is rooted in the desires of local queer communities, while lyrically exploring posthumanist and utopian visions through a trauma-informed lens.

In 2020 Sofia Zadar launched their first home studio produced EP, Sunday Blue, while 2021 brought the launch of their second EP, Lyra, this time a collaborative production with indie music studio Cirkular. Zadar’s third EP, Hictopia, was launched in May 2023 to wide national and international praise (receiving reviews from, among others, Notion Magazine, Mystic Sons, Purple Melon, Music Crowns).

Sofia Zadar melds together her immersive and intriguing creativity alongside sophisticated and empathetic storytelling lyricism, creating a listening experience out of this world.