SUN is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and actress. She created a genre she calls “Brutal Pop”: a blend of mainstream Pop and Rock/Metal. Catchy toplines, colorful visuals, feral screams and double pedal drums, her Brutal Pop could be the hidden child of Pink and Gojira.

Her name is an homage to her father. He died on the eve of her 6th birthday and a sunflower decorated his grave. One day she discovered the grave had disappeared, so she chose the name SUN to remember him and keep him alive.

Her songs express the violence of great emotions: true love, joy, grief. SUN brings a message of hope, courage and love; life is worth living even in the toughest moments. In September 2021 SUN is awarded the FAIR Prize, the most important French prize for modern Music. She is managed in the US by Vicky Hamilton (Guns N’ Roses) and endorsed by Fender.

SUN collaborated on her second EP with Andrew Scheps, whose work with Adèle, Beyoncé,

Metallica or RHCP earned him 3 Grammy Awards. She debuted on the big screen in 2021 in a leading role in the feature film “Tom Medina” by Tony Gatlif, selected at Cannes Film Festival 2021. In the movie she acts, sings her own songs and plays her sparkly Telecaster. She also wrote five tracks of the soundtrack.

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