Time Jugglers (BG)

They formed in 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria and started out playing a wide variety of guitar-driven genres. Their sound developed over the years, and now they settled on a hard alternative sound with heavier riffs, dual vocals and groove-oriented drums. Their main influences include Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and even heavier acts like Rammstein and Metallica.

With every release, they look to explore new musical boundaries. 2019’s “Stories In Time” displays a more rudimentary old-school attitude, rooted in classic rock and metal. “The Tyrant Within” uses a more structured approach and the idea of a concept record. “A Fraction of Consciousness” (2023) takes that one step further, with a more modern production and dynamic compositions.

“A Fraction of Consciousness”, their latest release, tells the story of two contrasting personalities, navigating their way through ambition and deception, which constantly keeps them intertwined. The dual vocal approach presents both sides of the story and adds a grander element of storytelling.