Whitney Lyman (USA)

Whenever she sings, Seattle-based songwriter Whitey Lyman takes on a new form. In one moment, she’s in midnight-purple shroud, humming low. In another, she’s throwing twin dice and exploding into a beam of starlight. Lyman, whose music is born from mystical sensibilities, has shared this spirit with a wide array of audiences, from Sofar Sounds in New York with an acoustic to Jimmy Kimmel Live in L.A. with the Grammy-nominated Odesza.

Lyman, a multi-instrumentalist, has performed with standout Emerald City projects Pollens, the Seattle Rock Orchestra and Theoretics. But she released her debut solo record, Pleasure/Pain, in May 2018. Equal parts spiritual and forlorn introspection, the album was recorded at the famed London Bridge Studios and features myriad instrumentalists including the Grammy-winning violinist Andrew Joslyn. It received acclaim from outlets like King5 News and Artist Home.

Lyman never stays in a single place long, switching between vocals, guitar, piano and bandleader. She finds a home in indie rock, soul, dream pop and the ethereal corporeal. Lyman’s work casts a long shadow – like silver-blue moonlight creeping over your rooftop.