Corina Dumitrescu (RO)

Corina Dumitrescu (RO)

Co-founder -, Artist Manager

Corina started working in the music industry in 2017, as a volunteer at the Electric Castle festival. Since then she has actively participated in all editions, has taken care of staff accommodation, mess, shop, merch, and is a fan dedicated to team spirit and castle atmosphere.

Towards the end of 2019, she put the basis of a support platform for artists of all kinds (, with the help of four other Brasov residents. The platform has the role of supporting artists – musicians, artists, performers, writers – at the beginning of their career and not only, offering them a structured presentation concept, organizing events for them, and promoting them. Within the team, Corina took care of the social media promotion, PR, logistics, and organization of marathon events for musicians (National Culture Day, Aiurea’n Parc week), the section of interviews with them, and a section of provocative questions. She also released the latest album Alexu and The Voices Inside, in August 2020, at the Weavers’ Bastion in Brasov. Together with the team, she held numerous online sessions in quarantine, such as #stayHome, #staySafe with Unveiled artists.

She is currently the manager of Alexu and The Voices Inside, a project that was launched this year in a new formula. She coordinated the production of two videos with the band, organized photo sessions for branding, promotion, concerts in the online environment and booking.