Larisa Perde (RO)

Larisa Perde (RO)

Founder, Saraimanic

Larisa Perde founded Șaraimanic, an explorer of earth music. In 2016, she started to put the light on “lăutărească” culture, an artistic hidden treasure that, until then, didn’t have a public scene in Romania – the fiddlers were playing just at private parties. The expressivity, the virtuosity, and the origins of this music conquered instantly the audience’s hearts. The new generation was the vessel that pushed this cultural movement to a new dimension. In 2016 Larisa could expose this music only to a few terraces in Bucharest. Over time, she managed to introduce it to alternative clubs, jazz & world music festivals, philharmonics, embassies receptions, and even to the other side of the world, in New Zealand. “Lăutărească” music became mainstream and the fiddlers became artists. 

Saraimanic is a cultural movement with a peripheral view of music – what is marginal becomes the center.

The music discovery of Saraimanic starts from home and travels around the globe looking for the fiddlers of the world from the Balkans, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, etc. Both live acts & DJs play music like earth mantras that make you feel deep, joyful, and intense.

Șaraimanic functions as an events promoter, booking agency, and music producer. The most ambitious project now is Șaraimanic Festival which will have a special 2024 edition.

Șaraimanic is part of the same family like Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine, a community dedicated also to music discoveries and social encounters.