Cosmin Ionescu (RO)

Cosmin Ionescu

Co-founder, Overground Music

PR guy, undercover metalhead, gracefully connecting the dots between Katie Melua and Behemoth.

I co-founded Overground Music agency in 2013 and have since been working with some of the biggest names in the Romanian alternative rock scene – byron, Robin and the Backstabbers, The Mono Jacks and many others. I’m particularly interested in image strategies and the narratives behind artists’ images, as well as the ways of communicating an image both online and offline. I’ve also seen enough press kits to tell a good one from a meh one in 4.75 seconds.

At our agency we do management, booking and PR with a side of financial, web development and even wearing the promoter hat every now and then. Our office in downtown Bucharest is a music hub with rehearsal rooms for our artists and storage spaces for their gear and merch. Since 2017 we’re also co-organizers of Mastering the Music Business, the leading music conference and showcase festival in Romania, where I’m in charge of coordinating the festival program and artist applications.