Cristian Tarcea (RO)

Cristian Tarcea (RO)

CEO, A&R, Thrace Music

Cristian Tarcea, or Monoir, as most know him as, is a Romanian

multiinstrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and producer. With

several hits on the charts like The Violin Song, Lost in 0Istanbul,

Sugar & Brownies, Your Love, 3 to 1, Chameleon and many other

tracks that gathered together more than 1 billion views on YT and

more than 100 million streams on Spotify, reaching the top slots in

dozens of countries, from Romania, Turkey, Russia, India, France

and Bulgaria, Monoir has accomplished to become one of the top

producers in Romania and Europe.


The Constanta based producer is also the brain behind Thrace

music (housing artists such as Kate Linn, Brianna, Sandra N., Dharia

and more) and has a deep and genuine passion for great tracks,

beautiful melodies and lyrics that tickles in every listener’s ear.