Daniela Marișcu (RO)

Daniela Marișcu (RO)

Founder, Aquatica Experience

The pioneering entrepreneur of the leisure industry in Romania, Daniela Marișcu is the co-founder of Aqua Azur and the founder of Aquatica Experience, as well as the innovation accelerator in the field of AE Accelerator.

Also known as a sworn investor in the show “Empire of Lions” Pro TV (aka Shark Tank / Dragons Den), Daniela actively contributes to scaling the mentality in the Romanian entrepreneurial and investment eco-system.

As an investor, Daniela Marișcu aims for global macro-economic and social impact, by capitalizing on Romanian creative and innovative potential. Her first technology investment was in 2019, in the YooSend project, a decentralized cloud system based on blockchain technology. At the moment, she holds investments as an angel-investor and lead-investor in 8 companies from various fields, from terrarium to electric vehicles.

The guiding principle as an investor: the ultimate good is the simultaneous maximization of the individual potential of a critical mass of people.