Through her soft, fragile vocals, and her heartfelt lyrics, Lucia conveys universal questions and experiences. Her latest single, “Who”, announces the imminent release of her EP “Immersia”, due this autumn.

“Who” is an uptempo number driven by catchy synths, warm Rhodes tones and of course Lucia’s frail, delicate vocals. The video was shot by Bucharest fashion photographer Raluca Margescu, and it shows – “Who” is a minimalistic jewel in gray, white and dusty pink, punctuated of course by Lucia’s trademark fiery hair and an assortment of extravagant flowers.

The lyrics, however, deal with darker themes. The song is about self-doubt and the anxiety of constantly second-guessing oneself; Lucia cleverly personifies these feelings into an imaginary creature she calls “the animal” – a creature that must be kept in check and, eventually, released back into the wild in a gesture of freedom and self-determination.