Madalin Rosioru (RO/USA)

Madalin Rosioru (RO/USA)

Music Producer, Songwriter & Mix Engineer

Madalin Rosioru, also known as MADS is an awarded music producer, songwriter, and mix engineer from Romania, based in Los Angeles.

MADS worked for artists like Skylar Grey, Saint Motel, LP, Bella Thorne, Antonia, Andra, Mira, and much more. He is part of hundreds of successful songs and his music was streamed over 1 billion times. MADS is currently a lead music producer at Runway Girls, Grammy Nominated
music producer’s Jayson DeZuzio company.

He was nominated for MTV VMA 2019 Video for Good, being the co-producer of the song “Runaway Train”, by Jamie N Commons, Skylar Grey, Gallant.

Born in a small village of 300 people, MADS believes it doesn’t matter where you start from, it matters how much you believe in your dream and how much you work for it.