Mihai Caravețeanu (RO)

Mihai Caravețeanu (RO)

Promoter, Booking Agent, Tour Manager, Executive Producer

Companies: Axa Valaha Productions (RO) / The Flaming Arts Agency (UK / Russia)

Services: Promoter, Tour Booking, Tour Management, Tour Production, Executive Production, Van & Backline Rental, Merchandise Printing, Boutique Label, Underground Distribution, Freelancer Journalist, Reviewer


*promoter of the first-time ever shows in Romania for top international level metal bands like Sodom, Venom, Cannibal Corpse, Pyogenesis, Suffocation, Incantation, Asphyx, Impaled Nazarene, God Dethroned, Sinister, Misery Index, The Ocean, Umbra Et Imago and many others; 

*main promoter of November to Dismember Metal Fest (Bucharest – 2013 / 2014)

*tour booking & tour management / full tour production for metal bands like Negura Bunget, Misery Index, Sinister, Exhumed, Funerus, KroW, Infest and tons of others;

*took care about the merch department for several tours by The Flaming Arts Agency including Morbidfest and Female Metal Voices FestEuropean tours;

*worked in the merch department for major bands as Placebo, Gogol Bordello, Massive Attack, Whitesnake, Def Leppard;

*as a freelancer journalist published interviews, live-reports, content articles and reviews in many music magazines from Romania and abroad; 

*permanent guest for Istoria Rockului – Underground Made in Romania radio show on Bucharest FM – SRR in 2021.