Munyaradzi Chanetsa (SA)

Munyaradzi Chanetsa (SA)

A&R Manager – Sony ATV Music Publishing South Africa; Founder – Kreeyate Africa

Munyaradzi (Munya) has dedicated his professional life to the business of music and  entertainment. He is the founder of Kreeyate Africa and is also currently employed as A&R  Manager: Africa for Sony ATV Music Publishing South Africa. With over 10 years experience in  the music and entertainment space he also has vast experience in the sourcing, licensing, curation, creation, monetization and distribution of audio and visual content. He has extensive  experience across the continent due to directly engaging with mobile and online platforms,  independent record labels, artists and publishers.  

Kreeyate is a dynamic creative entertainment marketing agency which exists to bring  exceptional, conscious driven and unique entertainment content from Africa to the World. On  a mission to educate creatives on the importance of copyright Munya has recently launched  the “Happy Endings” initiative. A after being inspired from watching the biggest copyright  infringement case which was about South African musician, singer and composer Solomon  Linda while studying at Academy of Sound Engineering. Munya also watched Netflix’s The  Lion’s Share which further motivated him to do the project of remaking the song “Mbube” and  ensuring that the wrong that was done in the past is not repeated. 

Additionally Munya is gearing to launch an educational platform purely focusing on music  business called M.O.T.I that stands for masters of the industry sole  purpose is to provide all the information required for any creative wanting to enter the music  industry.  

Further, as an employee of Sony ATV Music Publishing, Munya has given presentations and  attended key forums centered around copyright across South Africa, Angola, Uganda, Ghana  and Nigeria. 

Before joining Sony, Munya was employed as the Head of Licensing for the Composer, Author  and Publishing Association of South Africa. Prior to that he was the Head of Operations: Africa  at Content Connect Africa from 2009 – 2019 and prior to that he was the Head of Marketing  and Promotions for Putumayo World Music in South Africa from 2007 to 2009.