Oana Călin (RO)

Oana Călin (RO)

Artist manager, Roton Music

Meet Oana Călin, talented Artist Manager and Social Media Specialist at Roton Music, with extensive experience in the music industry. She is the mastermind behind the success of the Misha Miller project, one of Roton Music’s most promising musical ventures, which has seen significant growth in the international market in the past year.

Oana Călin’s unique approach to project management involves combining the roles of Social Media Specialist and Project Manager, offering each project a fresh perspective and ensuring success in the competitive music industry.

Her success speaks for itself – Oana has coordinated two hits that took the radio by storm, Mahala (Misha Miller and Sasha Lopez) and Un Minut (Misha Miller). Mahala reached 4 million views on YouTube in just 4 months, peaking at the 6th place in the UK charts and receiving heavy rotation on national radio stations in Romania. Meanwhile, Un Minut, a remake of the famous Hi-Q song, reached the top 50 trending on YouTube and entered the country’s radio playlists, amassing 700k views in just 2 weeks.

Oana’s impressive 10-year career in artistic impresario started with projects such as DeMoga Studio, ICAN Management Agency, artist BRIGHI, and Roton Music, where she currently works. Oana’s passion and dedication to the music industry are evident as she obtained a diploma of artistic impresario certified by the Ministry of Culture in 2013.

Throughout her career, Oana Călin has put her Social Media Manager and Project Manager experience to the test, delivering exceptional results for a series of important projects dedicated to the music industry in Romania and beyond. She was the driving force behind the social media campaigns for CATHEDRAL, Musicalling, Showcase, Musicallign Music Camp, as well as the musical events integrated into Romanian Creative Week. With her impressive track record, Oana Călin is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.