Peter Smidt (NL)

Peter Smidt (NL)

Founder – EuroSonic Noorderslag

Peter Smidt

Amsterdam 1959


Peter Smidt studied art and art management at the Groningen university in Holland (RUG).

Smidt worked as a musician and composer and started music management and booking office Buro GoGO. Smidt worked as concert and festival promoter for over 20 years for Grand Theatre Groningen, Bevrijdings Pop Haarlem and De Oosterpoort Groningen.


Smidt is the founder and creative director of  EuroSonic Noorderslag. The main European music conference with large showcase festival for European music.


Smidt started working for Buma Cultuur as manager Pop and Rock in 1995. Buma Cultuur is the BUMA funded organisation for promotion of Dutch music and repertoire in and outside of Holland. 

Buma Cultuur is partner and co-organiser of EuroSonic Noorderslag and is organising EuroSonic Noorderslag Conference, Amsterdam Dance Event, The annual Musicians Da,  Buma Beats, InJAZZ conference, The Buma Awards, Music in Motion, Dutch Impact and many other events to promote Dutch repertoire in and outside of the Netherlands.

Buma Cultuur does export of Dutch repertoire and organises stands, trade missions, shows and events at conferences worldwide and started Dutch Music Export (DMA)

Smidt is also responsible for the export policy and the European policy at Buma Cultuur. 


Smidt was initiator of the European Tour Support Plan (ETS) and European Talent Exchange Program (ETEP) programme and was organiser of the EU music Prize EBBA Awards and the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards and initiator of the European Border Breakers Charts.

Smidt was board member of European Live Music Forum, Groepenraad Amsterdam, Muzieklab Brabant and European Music Office and is founder and board member of EMEE


Smidt has been awarded with


Impala – Outstanding Contribution Award 2015

Yourope – Lifetime Achievement Award – 2019

Buma – De Veer -2019


Officer in de orde van Oranje Nassau -2019