Roxana Alexandru (RO)

Roxana Alexandru (RO)

Talent Manager, Romanian Artists Agency

Roxana will always remain inseparable from the world of TV. He built slowly, getting to sign the production for shows that have remained in the history of Romanian television – Do you want to be a billionaire?, Big Brother, Star Factory. After almost a decade, he left the small screen behind, but he didn’t go too far. He entered the creative industry in 2008, and since 2012 he represents some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry here, being one of the founders of RAA.

Equally skilled as a talent manager as well as a communicator, the projects she was part of were repeatedly awarded (Best TV Quiz Show at the TV Mania Awards between 2000 – 2004; the award in the Radio section of the Ad Gala from 2011 for the Omens from Childhood project, with Virgil Iantu, supported by ING Bank).

You know Roxana for sure, if she answered your phone at least once with “Hello, baby!”. We love her because she gracefully navigates the daily challenges of being a 24/7 connected talent agent, which makes her a constant inspiration.

She represents artists such as Razvan Exarhu, Paul Ipate, Lili Sandu, Verdini and you will see her working hard every day to represent them as faithfully as possible, but you will also often hear her passionately discussing leaving her comfort zone.