About #MMB


The leading music conference and showcase festival in Romania, Mastering the Music Business is dedicated to all independent artists and professionals in the music industry.

At MMB, key professionals from the local & international music business and related industries come together to discuss various relevant topics.

Successful artists, business managers, booking agents, record company execs, PR agents, online & digital specialists, advertisers, radio broadcasters, publishers, songwriters, etc. exchanging know-how and ideas under the same roof.


If you’re a member of the press and want to attend Mastering the Music Business 2021 or the MMB Showcase Festival, get in touch with us!


Conference related issues: ask@masteringthemusicbusiness.ro
Sponsorships / Partnerships: office@masteringthemusicbusiness.ro

Our Team

Anca Lupeș


Carina Sava

Conference Program Manager

Codruț Dumitrescu

Production Manager

Cosmin Ionescu

Music Program Director

Dan Fințescu

Main Moderator

Ilinca Ghișoiu

Showcase Booking Manager

Iulia Pop

Communication Manager

Ștefan Hadăr

Social Media Manager