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MMB is the first and biggest international music business conference and showcase festival in Romania. Dedicated to all music enthusiasts, MMB is the place where both independent artists and key music business professionals are offered the opportunity to meet with leading experts in the local and international industry, learn from them and interact with them directly.

Still, MMB is not only a conference, but also the place where you could get signed to your future record label, where you can sing along with your favourite artists or grab a coffee with the stars you’ve always admired. MMB is the place where hundreds of participants, including artists, composers, managers, booking agents, cultural and musical PR agents, promoters, advertising agents, digital specialists, radio professionals, journalists, sound engineers, vocal coaches, representatives of major labels and many more meet every year and exchange ideas.

MMB Showcase was founded in 2017 and has so far hosted over 70 artists from Romania and many European countries. The success stories of MMB Showcase Festival range from collaborations between Romanian and foreign artists, whose foundations were laid at the festival (Dan Byron and the Serbians from Ana and the Changes released a joint single), international bands that were booked to festivals in Romania (Ana and the Changes from Serbia and Piqued Jacks from Italy) and even artists and bands from Romania invited to festivals in Serbia (Exit), Netherlands (Eurosonic), Sweden (Live at Heart and Future Echoes), Hungary (BUSH), Slovenia (MENT) or Bulgaria (Spike).

The richest collection of success stories comes from the 2022 edition of the MMB Showcase Festival:

  • the Romanian band Zimbru and the band IVA (from Bulgaria) – will perform in 2023 at Eurosonic (ESNS), the biggest showcase festival in Europe
  • Catalina Cara was invited to two showcase festivals: Future Echoes (Sweden) and Spike (Bulgaria).

MMB has the support of HEMI (Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation), project co-financed by Creative Europe.


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