MMB Showcase Festival is the festival associated with Mastering The Music Business conference. This year it will take place between September 5-7 in the Expirat Club.

MMB Showcase was founded in 2017 and has so far hosted over 70 artists from Romania and many European countries (UK, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic etc.).

The success stories of MMB Showcase Festival range from collaborations between Romanian and foreign artists, whose foundations were laid at the festival (Dan Byron and the Serbians from Ana and the Changes released a joint single), international bands that were booked to festivals in Romania (Ana and the Changes from Serbia and Piqued Jacks from Italy) and even artists and bands from Romania invited to festivals in Serbia (Exit), Netherlands (Eurosonic), Sweden (Live at Heart and Future Echoes), Hungary (BUSH), Slovenia (MENT) or Bulgaria (Spike).

The richest collection of success stories comes from the 2022 edition of the MMB Showcase Festival:

  • the Romanian band Zimbru and the band IVA (from Bulgaria) – will perform at Eurosonic (ESNS), the biggest showcase festival in Europe
  • Catalina Cara was invited to two showcase festivals: Future Echoes (Sweden) and Spike (Bulgaria)

The call for applications for the 2023 edition of the MMB Showcase festival will remain open until February 5.

You can apply by following one of the two buttons below:

If you encounter difficulties with your application, you can contact us for clarifications at