Meet the Experts 2022

At MMB2022 you can meet the music business experts that can take your career forward

Managers, agents, A&Rs, music supervisors, publishers, PR & marketing experts, festival promoters – you can meet them at MMB in pre scheduled private sessions. You will have 20′ to pitch your project, to ask for advice or just… have a beer with them. Fill in the form below and we will do the matchmaking for you. Check the list of speakers and experts here and choose the people you would like to meet. You can also suggest other music professionals from the Romanian music industry that might not appear on the speakers list on our website.

In order to be selected for the MEET THE EXPERTS program you must have an accreditation for MMB2022 (you can get your ticket here). You will receive the confirmation of your participation in the Meet the Experts program and the schedule of your meetings between 16-31st of August.