Amira Andronic (RO)

Amira Andronic (RO)

PR Executive, UNTOLD Universe

Meet Amira, the PR maven who’s been shaping perceptions for over 5 years. She’s got a knack for turning cultural and corporate chaos into cohesive messaging, but now she is using her skills to immerse herself in the music industry. 

Because PR is not just about the hype, it’s about building real relationships and telling compelling stories, she carefully paved her way through film and theatre festivals, fashion brands and environmental focused companies. Landing in the corporate world, she tackled the baby and feminine care sectors, building surround sound campaigns. 

But was something missing? Yup, sure was. Music wasn’t playing any role in all of this. She discovered her passion for music at a young age and knew she wanted to play a role in the industry when she set foot for the first time in a music festival. To make the dream come true, she helped independent artists create a more relevant social media presence, is the producer of the morning show at București FM and collaborates with Bandbook, a platform that offers integrated services for artists. 

Understanding that building a strong brand for a music festival requires a deep understanding of the industry, the artists, and the fans, she is part of the UNTOLD Universe, building on the magic as a PR Executive.