Andra Rotariu (RO)

Andra Rotariu (RO)

Artist Manager & Agent @ CORE Agency

Andra began her journey in the biz as a volunteer for the Filmul de Piatra film festival in 2013. But in 2018, when Vlad, one of her closest friends started his own band (Adam’s Nest), she was ready and able to accept the manager role. Shortly after, she enlarged her artist portfolio and took on the duty for the bands Fine, It’s Pink & Sea Section.

Fast forward to summer 2019, she started working with local act :Umbra, where she met Matei Pușcaru, with whom she would co-found the SWANBOY Music, taking over the booking and management aspects for a number of local bands and musicians, including Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut & Baba Dochia.

Through her continuous activity, she seeked to nurture and empower underground alternative bands reach their full potential and help them get as much stage time as possible.

As of 2022, Andra is running her own boutique agency – CORE Agency and as of 2023 she is part of the booking team at Control Club in Bucharest.