Ilinca Ghișoiu (RO)

Ilinca Ghișoiu (RO)

Head of Booking, Overground Music

From the front row directly to the backstage. That’s my story.

While working for almost six years with the Overground Music team, the constant thing that I’ve been learning is dealing with artists. They are fantastic creatures!

I started as a volunteer, selling tickets and merchandise at concerts. This is a great way to meet the audience and get to know a lot of people.

In May, 2016 I took over the position in Overground – Operations and Planning and Tour Manager when needed.

Starting January 2017, I started working on the booking part of our agency and management for small bands.

Today, 2021, I’m a manager, a booker, a tour manager and project manager for the merchandise shop at Overground Music, Bucharest, Romania.