Iulia Hermeneanu (RO)

Iulia Hermeneanu (RO)

Concerts & Communication & Volunteers Coordinator, Film and Histories Festival

Iulia Hermeneanu entered the world of cultural events before starting high school and that’s how she discovered what she wants to do when she grows up! She is always on the move and ready for action.

Iulia started organizing events at the age of 15, as a volunteer, and is currently in charge of communication, concerts and the volunteer team of the Râșnov Film and Histories Festival. 

In addition to these, she is or was part of the organization or management team, being most of time in charge with booking, volunteers or MC-ing, of more than 20 cultural and sports projects, from the Brașov area and beyond, organizing more than 80 small and medium-sized events to date.

She is ambitious, has a strong personality and is determined to have the best possible outcome of everything she does.