Lu-K Beats (RO)

Lu-K Beats (RO)

CEO, Music Producer & Sound Engineer, Seek Music

Lu-K Beats started his music career at a very young age by making beats, rapping, then by being a recording engineer, mixing & mastering engineer, co-writer, co-producer, executive producer, record label owner, and the list goes on. In his first years of activity he has worked with a lot of Hip-Hop acts, such as Cedry2k, Dragonu, Chimie, Haarp Cord, and so on. The classic acts of Romania’s finest hip-hop. 

Later on he transitioned to the mainstream scene, being part of teams such as Quantum Music and Kazibo Music. He produced Irina Rimes’ breakthrough hit “Visele”, a radio banger, and many more top charting hits. 

He then returned to his roots – rap music. He introduced the trap sound in the romanian music industry with multiple solo projects such as trap remixes to pop songs, trap songs started from scratch and so on. After releasing several solo projects he led two of the very first trap acts in Romania – Killa Fonic & Satra B.E.N.Z. He is a founding member of the band, executive producer, recording engineer, mixing and mastering engineer. The project had a massive impact on the romanian rap industry, pushing it into the trap area. 

In the meantime Lu-K Beats has also created and grew his label, Seek Music. Seek Music is now one of the most proliphic labels in the rap scene and not only, the label’s artists and producers are also wanted by a lot of mainstream labels and artists.