Marcel Bostan (RO)

Marcel Bostan (RO)

Artist, Alternosfera

When those who have dedicated their lives to music meet, what they create together reaches everyone’s lips and propels them further than they could have ever imagined. This is also the case of two very well-known names on the Romanian music scene: Alternosfera and ARTmania, whose story began in 2021 and whose passion and creativity gave, among other things, the world Theatrol | The Trojan Raven, an album that brought together the imposing magic of the classical world, of theaters and operas, with the depth of alternative rock. A result that took our musical landscape by storm and heralds new equally exciting projects.

But who are the protagonists of this story that continues to attract and hold the attention of all music lovers?


Marcel Bostan is the lead singer and leader of Alternosfera, the alternative rock band founded in Chisinau. The band gained popularity in December 1998 and, if over time it has changed its composition, Marcel is part of the original formula.

With over 25 years of experience in Alternosfera, Marcel witnessed and initiated the changes that made the band what it is today, and Alternosfera also grew through the direct involvement of the one who sacrificed everything for music, both in childhood and in adult life.