Geanina Ioan (RO)

Geanina Ioan (RO)

Owner, Chilli Ideas

Geanina Ioan is the owner of Chilli Ideas, a leader in branded advertising products, Winner of the Environmental Excellence Award (PSI Sustainability Awards, 2022, Germany), Social Excellence Award (PSI Sustainability Awards, 2019 and 2022, Germany), Corporate Social Responsibility (Forbes Green Awards, 2017, Romania), Best Marketing Campaign (IPPAG, 2019, Hong Kong). 

She is the Country CEO Prominate, a full-service global solution for Advertising Products, ( and a Board Member of IPPAG ( 

In collaboration with IPPAG, her company has created a unique and certified Carbon Tracking Tool for its members and affiliated suppliers to calculate the carbon emissions related to the products they propose and sell. 

Constantly seeking for a balance between productivity, sustainability, and social impact, Geanina is an innovative creator in this industry. She is a firm believer that every small gesture can impact the world we live in.

Beside her passion for being an entrepreneur, Geanina finds joy and grounding in practicing sports, spending time with her daughter, reading and connecting with friends.