George Apostu (RO)

George Apostu (RO)

Booker, Street Food Festival & Zazen Club

Meet George, a seasoned professional in both production and artist booking, with a wealth of experience in working with venues, who has dedicated years of his life to the music industry. A passionate music enthusiast who has been working in this exciting and dynamic field since 19.  Starting in the production department, George, honed his skills and gradually grew to become a proficient artist bookier and a production manager, catering to a variety of events and occasions and gaining in-depth knowledge of the logistical and operational aspects of hosting events and performances. 

With years of experience under his belt in production, booking, and venue management, George has seen the industry evolve and adapt to new trends and challenges. However, what sets him apart from the rest is his deep-rooted love for music and how it drives him to provide the best possible experience to the audience. 

He firmly believes that music has the power to heal and transform lives and has personally experienced the therapeutic effects of music in his life. Through his journey, George has made his life’s mission to deliver exceptional performances, create memorable events and contribute to the overall success of the music industry. 

Today, he stands before us, as a true partner for all who wish to make a mark in the music industry and beyond.