Alexandru Baculea (RO)

Alexandru Baculea (RO)

Managing Partner, Big Events

Driven by an unwavering passion for crafting memorable experiences, Alexandru Baculea has dedicated his life to the art of event management. As the Managing Partner at Big Events and Director of Events at Europa FM and Virgin Radio, his journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Together with his partner, George Carabelea, from Big Events, Alexandru Baculea coordinated the incredible event known as “Beach Please,” the largest trap music festival in Romania. The inaugural edition of Beach Please opened the doors to trap music on a grand scale in our country.

His collaboration with Europa FM led to the organization of the spectacular “Europa FM Live on the Beach” event, and he served as the General Producer of the once-celebrated Liberty Parade festival, which enchanted electronic music enthusiasts for years before Untold Festival.

Alexandru Baculea’s experience has been shaped by working on various events, from Pro FM propaganda to fashion presentations, culminating in his current project, Beach Please Festival in Costinesti.

Throughout his journey, Alexandru Baculea has been fortunate to learn from prominent figures in the industry, such as Doru Bose Pastina and Ducu Darie.