Alin Vaida (RO)

Alin Vaida (RO)

Festival director, Jazz in the park

Alin is the founder of the Jazz in the Park festival in Cluj-Napoca and the executive director of the Fatte Association, the implementing organization of the festival. He has been working in the cultural field since 2009, especially in the field of music, being responsible for hundreds of concerts organized in Romania and other festival productions.

As a major, Alin started with production and event organization, but over time became a cultural entrepreneur, focusing only on his own projects. His expertise ranges from production to private equity fundraising, as well as writing and managing financing.

Also, his projects have always had a community value, he believes a lot in the mix between art and social involvement. Its actions have a strong focus on the revitalization of public space, audience development, productions for artists and the stimulation of civic spirit.

In 2019, the Jazz in the Park festival received the award of Best Small Festival in Europe, at the prestigious European Festival Awards, and in 2022, the festival was again a finalist in the same category.