Bernardo Queirós (UK / PT)

Bernardo Queirós (PT)

Music / Arts Freelance Consultant

Despite his core area of expertise being in Marketing, Bernardo has been wearing various hats all over the years in the creative industries. Currently working as a freelance consultant for a range of organizations in the EMEA space, he puts an effort into making sure to have audiences at the heart of every project he’s involved with. One of the cases is his work as an international consultant for marketing and partnerships at Jafra Productions, a 360 label taking the lead in developing the infrastructures of the Palestinian music industry. 

Guided by his outstanding vision to connect people with the right projects, and within the showcase conference circuit, Bernardo is known for taking part on the director’s board of the Portuguese Music Association, AMAEI, managing marketing and communications. On another front, he supports the conference program of two showcase festivals (Pro Weekend Fest, Spain, and Westway Lab, Portugal) – and if it wasn’t enough yet, he consults on international projects and email marketing at the Portuguese Music Export Office, WHY Portugal.