Bogdan Munteanu (RO)

Bogdan Munteanu (RO)

Manager, BandBook

Bogdan has been organizing and promoting events for over 7 years.

He founded the ”Munteanu Recomandă” platform in 2015 through which he promoted and supported many events, creative people, artists, bands, festivals.

He has collaborated over the years with countless artists from the Romanian music industry such as Partizan, Moonlight Breakfast, Omul cu Șobolani, ZMEI3, Aida și Noi and others. At the same time, he was part of the team of several festivals, among which we mention Bucharest Photofest, Palestinian Film Festival, Photographer of the Year in Romania. In all these years, he accumulated a lot of experience and developed his management, booking and communication skills.

Bogdan celebrates his birthday, every year in October, organizing a festival with a charitable component through which he supports various causes, called Munteanu Fest. This fall, the event will reach its 7th edition.

This year he launched BandBook with a very ambitious team. It is an integrated service platform that provides artists with a bridge between themselves and the entities that revolve around them, from fans to event organizers to relevant media players in the market. Through the BandBook platform, Bogdan currently works with artists and groups such as Dora Gaitanovici, Delta Pe Obraz, Ana Coman, Corina Sîrghi, Cristina Lupu, EYEDROPS, Heartbreak Cinema or Taking Back August.

Bogdan started collaborating with J’ai Bistrot in 2017 for the skills he acquired in the area of ​​event organization. Thus, he quickly integrated into the team, occupying the position of Event Manager through which he organized countless events both indoors (acoustic concerts or parties under the umbrella “The friends put music at J’ai”) as well as outdoors, in the garden – where he organized events such as: silent parties, silent movies and silent concerts (with bands such as: Alternosfera, Coma, Omul cu Șobolani, Mădălina Pavăl, Ana Coman, Delta Pe Obraz, KUMM, EYEDROPS, etc.)