Cristina Chipurici (RO)

Cristina Chipurici (RO)

Content Creator

Cristina Chipurici is a curious content creator who has been writing online since 2006. She has various experiences in digital marketing and the music business.

Her career began in 2007 as a journalist when she co-founded one of the most-read music blogs in Romania. With a passion for creating engaging content and an entrepreneurial spirit, she has founded several successful content projects. She also worked as a PR and manager for independent hip-hop artists and studied Music Business at Berklee Online (Berklee College of Music).

Driven by the desire to help others avoid the mistakes she made, she now writes a weekly newsletter called Friday Read. In the newsletter, she shares lessons she learned from personal experience and book recommendations. Her writing often focuses on personal development, leadership, habit-building, and productivity. She also hosts workshops, works one-on-one with people, and records a podcast where she talks with change makers.

Cristina’s personal journey has led her to become a respected guide for others seeking to improve their lives. She inspires others to adopt healthy habits and find balance in their personal and professional lives while being true to themselves. Cristina guides others to become more productive while remaining human. She encourages them to control their attention and energy while remaining antifragile when chaos strikes. She also helps them discover tools for managing their attention and time, obtaining energy and clarity, and having fun in the process.

In her spare time, Cristina is training for long-distance mountain trail running competitions and studying Applied Ethics at The Faculty of Philosophy (University of Bucharest).