Valeria Vdovîi (RO)

Valeria Vdovîi (RO)

Booking Agent, Forward Agency

Born in Chisinau, Moldova, I came to Romania for my university studies, but my experience with the artistic life started when I was 8, when I became a theatre student and then, at 14 I became a volunteer at a local NGO, where we did multiple social projects. At 15 years old I  organized my first concert at a local nursing home, with Zdob si Zdub. Lol.

Long story short, I came in Romania and in 2014 I had my first interaction with a festival, where I worked closely with Subcarpati and Alternosfera.

Starting with 2015, for 2 years me and two of my friends organized a series of shows in Bucharest and Chisinau, under the #dinBasarabia brand with artists such as Alternosfera, Subcarpati, Zdob si Zdub, Alexandrina, Alex Calancea and others. Meanwhile, I was kind of a tourmanager / PR manager and anything they needed, for Alternosfera.

In late of 2016, for a few months I worked with Emagic team, but in May of 2017 I started my adventure at Global Records.

Because of the Covid situation, in 2021 they decided to partner with Forward Music Agency, so me and my Artists moved to my new family ☺

Today, I can happily say that I have more than 9 active years in concerts industry, including 6 active years of booking agent.