Vlad Parvulescu (RO)

Vlad Parvulescu (RO)

Founder, W Talent Management Hub

Vlad Parvulescu is the founder of the esteemed agency W Talent Management Hub. He is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in the entertainment industry, specializing in talent management and influencer marketing.

With an impressive career spanning over 15 years in the entertainment field, Vlad has garnered profound knowledge and expertise in navigating the careers of artists and influencers. He passionately dedicates his skills to assisting artists, content creators, and public figures in maximizing their potential and developing their personal brands.

Under Vlad’s leadership, W Talent Management Hub takes pride in collaborating with a select group of over 30 notable public figures, artists, and content creators, including renowned names such as Alina Eremia, AMI, Emil Rengle, Mimi, and Ilinca Vandici. His team is committed to identifying tailored opportunities for these talents, ensuring each project and partnership contributes to the enhancement and fortification of their reputations.

Before establishing W Talent Management Hub, Vlad successfully managed a public relations agency, working closely with more than 50 artists on diverse projects and campaigns. This extensive experience has allowed him to gain profound insights into the unique needs and challenges faced by artists, leading to the development of a personalized and success-oriented approach.

In his day-to-day endeavors, he strives to forge and maintain valuable partnerships, building an extensive network of connections within the industry. The trust bestowed by his clients and their continuous achievements serve as the ultimate rewards, motivating him to provide top-notch services in the domain of talent management and influencer marketing.

Vlad is eager to continue bringing innovation and excellence to this dynamic industry, making significant contributions to the professional success and growth of the artists and influencers he represents.